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Wedding Day Poems

Choose Wedding Day Poems from our selection below or write your own poem or message. Whichever you decide you can send your personalised Wedding Day Poems as a scroll or folded card with choice of colours for the box, envelope, ribbon and real dried flower petals.

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  • Marriage Begins

    Marriage begins with a wedding,
    where two people promise “to have and to hold, to love and to cherish” come what may…
    The comfort in a marriage comes from caring
    for one another, and showing it each day…
    The happiness in marriage comes from knowing that the love you share will grow ever stronger as you go through life together.
    The blessings of marriage are the fulfilment of your
    cherished hopes and dreams as your lives unfold,
    and the realization of the meaning of
    that beautiful promise “To have and to hold…”

  • Bridal Song

    Roses, their sharp spines being gone,
    Not royal in their smells alone,
    But in their hue;
    Maiden pinks, of odour faint,
    Daisies smell-less, yet most quaint,
    And sweet thyme true;

    Primrose, firstborn child of Ver;
    Merry springtime’s harbinger,
    With her bells dim;
    Oxlips in their cradles growing,
    Marigolds on death-beds blowing,
    Larks’-heels trim;

    All dear Nature’s children sweet
    Lie ‘fore bride and bridegroom’s feet,
    Blessing their sense!
    Not an angel of the air,
    Bird melodious or bird fair,
    Be absent hence!

    The crow, the slanderous cuckoo, nor
    The boding raven, nor chough hoar,
    Nor chattering pye,
    May on our bride-house perch or sing,
    Or with them any discord bring,
    But from it fly!

  • Marriage Morning

    Light, so low upon earth,
    You send a flash to the sun.
    Here is the golden close of love,
    All my wooing is done.
    Oh, the woods and the meadows,
    Woods where we hid from the wet,
    Stiles where we stay’d to be kind,
    Meadows in which we met!

    Light, so low in the vale
    You flash and lighten afar,
    For this is the golden morning of love,
    And you are his morning star.
    Flash, I am coming, I come,
    By meadow and stile and wood,
    Oh, lighten into my eyes and heart,
    Into my heart and my blood!

    Heart, are you great enough
    For a love that never tires?
    O’ heart, are you great enough for love?
    I have heard of thorns and briers,
    Over the meadow and stiles,
    Over the world to the end of it
    Flash for a million miles.

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