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Gift to Say I'm Sorry - Scrolls & Cards from Poems & Petals

Send one of these special cards or scrolls as a Gift to Say I'm Sorry - Scrolls & Cards personalised greeting cards scrolled or folded and sent by post for all occasions.

Personalised cards that will be cherished for years, these quality natural paper, hand scrolled or folded gift poems make wonderful personalised greeting cards with a difference.

Simply choose a poem or write your own poem or message, then dedicate it with the name of the person you are send the gift poem to and end it with your own name (unless you want to stay anonymous) then move on to select your choice of colour for box, ribbon and real dried flower petals.

An exciting, beautiful and very personal gift, waiting to arrive through the letterbox of that special someone.

Send a Poems & Petals Gift to Say I'm Sorry - Scrolls & Cards Poem.

Select a poem from the Sorry Poem – I’m Sorry Cards Poem category to create a personalised scroll or card and send it with your colour choices of box or envelope, ribbon and real dreied flower petals.

  • I’m So Very Sorry

    I’m sorry that I’m not perfect
    I’m sorry for the tears that you cried
    I’m sorry for the pain I caused
    I’m sorry that lied

    I’m sorry for not being there when I said I would
    I’m sorry I made you feel blue
    I’m sorry for always doing the wrong thing
    I’m sorry that I failed you

    But I can’t help being me.
    I’m sorry…what more can I say
    Except I will try harder
    Today, and every day

  • I’m Truely Sorry

    True love is a gift
    Precious and rare
    Which we oft take for granted
    Bringing forth a despair

    Our fault is being human
    Mistakes are everywhere
    Let’s not put our gift
    Beyond repair

    I’m feeling bad, I regret it
    I’m o’erflowing with sorrow
    If you can’t forgive me today
    May I hope for tomorrow?

  • I’m Sorry

    I want to say I’m sorry
    Please forgive me
    I don’t know what I was thinking
    And I hope that you will see
    Loving you
    Is what I do best
    And I know sometimes
    Love will throw us tests
    Please bare with me
    And never let me go
    I love you truly
    And this I hope you know

  • Sorry

    It must’ve been so hard on you
    I’m sorry for all I put you through
    I’m sorry for the helping hand I didn’t lend
    I wish I’d been a better friend

    How do I tell you I’m sorry –
    With a gesture, a look, a touch?
    How is it I never realized
    I hurt you so much

    I’m sorry I hurt you
    I didn’t mean to
    I’m sorry I hurt you,
    I regret it, I do.
    What I did, I regret
    So lets make up and forget.

Choose Gift to Say I'm Sorry - Scrolls & Cards from the poem selection shown here or write your own poem or message. Whichever you decide you can send your personalised Gift to Say I'm Sorry - Scrolls & Cards as a scroll or folded card with choice of colours for the box, envelope, ribbon and real dried flower petals.

Send a Poems & Petals Gift to Say I'm Sorry - Scrolls & Cards poem.