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Sorry Poems - I'm Sorry Cards

Choose Sorry Poems - I'm Sorry Cards from our selection below or write your own poem or message. Whichever you decide you can send your personalised Sorry Poems - I'm Sorry Cards as a scroll or folded card with choice of colours for the box, envelope, ribbon and real dried flower petals.

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  • I’m So Very Sorry

    I’m sorry that I’m not perfect
    I’m sorry for the tears that you cried
    I’m sorry for the pain I caused
    I’m sorry that lied

    I’m sorry for not being there when I said I would
    I’m sorry I made you feel blue
    I’m sorry for always doing the wrong thing
    I’m sorry that I failed you

    But I can’t help being me.
    I’m sorry…what more can I say
    Except I will try harder
    Today, and every day

  • I’m Truely Sorry

    True love is a gift
    Precious and rare
    Which we oft take for granted
    Bringing forth a despair

    Our fault is being human
    Mistakes are everywhere
    Let’s not put our gift
    Beyond repair

    I’m feeling bad, I regret it
    I’m o’erflowing with sorrow
    If you can’t forgive me today
    May I hope for tomorrow?

  • I’m Sorry

    I want to say I’m sorry
    Please forgive me
    I don’t know what I was thinking
    And I hope that you will see
    Loving you
    Is what I do best
    And I know sometimes
    Love will throw us tests
    Please bare with me
    And never let me go
    I love you truly
    And this I hope you know

  • Sorry

    It must’ve been so hard on you
    I’m sorry for all I put you through
    I’m sorry for the helping hand I didn’t lend
    I wish I’d been a better friend

    How do I tell you I’m sorry –
    With a gesture, a look, a touch?
    How is it I never realized
    I hurt you so much

    I’m sorry I hurt you
    I didn’t mean to
    I’m sorry I hurt you,
    I regret it, I do.
    What I did, I regret
    So lets make up and forget.

Sorry Poems - I'm Sorry Cards from Poems & Petals

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