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Select a poem from the New Baby Messages – Baby Congratulations poems category to create a personalised scroll or card and send it with your colour choices of box or envelope, ribbon and real dried flower petals.

Personalised cards that will be cherished for years, these quality natural paper, hand scrolled or folded gift poems make wonderful personalised greeting cards with a difference.

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I Love You Poems

Poem Scroll just £6.95
Poem Long Scroll £7.35
Poem Folded Card £4.30

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What comes with Babies

With babies come toys
and a whole world of joys,
and all kinds of fun things to do…
With babies come laughter
and love ever after…
With babies,
sweet dreams all come true.

New Baby

A baby is cuddles and tickles on toes,
the sweet scent of powder, a kiss on the nose!
A baby is teddy bears, rattles, and pins,
meals at midnight … giggles and grins.

Miracle of life

There is nothing more precious
Than the miracle of life
You change into a mother
While still being a wife
Your husband becomes a father
With his (son) (daughter) on his knee
There is nothing more rewarding
This is how it’s meant to be.
A child completes a family
And there’s nothing more to say
Except to send you wishes
Of joy and laughter every day.

Simply choose a poem or write your own poem or message, then dedicate it with the name of the person you are send the gift poem to and end it with your own name (unless you want to stay anonymous) then move on to select your choice of colour for box, ribbon and real dried flower petals.

Poem Scrolls

Standard Scroll £6.95
Long Scroll £7.35

Folded Cards

Personalised Cards £4.30

Choice of Colours

Boxes & envelopes, ribbons,
dried flower petals

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