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Congratulations - Graduation Cards from Poems & Petals

Send one of these special cards or scrolls as a Congratulations - Graduation Cards personalised greeting cards scrolled or folded and sent by post for all occasions.

Personalised cards that will be cherished for years, these quality natural paper, hand scrolled or folded gift poems make wonderful personalised greeting cards with a difference.

Simply choose a poem or write your own poem or message, then dedicate it with the name of the person you are send the gift poem to and end it with your own name (unless you want to stay anonymous) then move on to select your choice of colour for box, ribbon and real dried flower petals.

An exciting, beautiful and very personal gift, waiting to arrive through the letterbox of that special someone.

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Select a poem from the Congratulations Graduation Cards category to create a personalised scroll or card and send it with your colour choices of box or envelope, ribbon and real dreied flower petals.

  • Graduation Congratulations

    Despite all that late night drinking
    And dossing round in bed
    The World is now your lobster
    So go and knock ’em dead

    Cos, despite yourself, you’ve done it
    You clearly got it right
    Now you’ve got your diploma
    Your future’s looking bright

    Heartiest Congratulations on Graduating

  • Always Keep Your Dreams Alive

    Now is a time for you to celebrate …
    the accomplishment of a dream you have worked so hard to realize. You have shown so many people how special you are.

    Now is the time to begin to pursue the next path, to reach out for the next star, and to achieve the things that are so important to you.

    Always keep your dreams alive.

    And keep them coming true.

  • Graduation Day

    You’ve reached your graduation day
    It’s time to put your books away
    Your life now takes another course
    As you join the work force
    I’m sending wishes by the score
    And hope that life has in store
    All that you are wishing for
    No, not just that, but lots lots more

Choose Congratulations - Graduation Cards from the poem selection shown here or write your own poem or message. Whichever you decide you can send your personalised Congratulations - Graduation Cards as a scroll or folded card with choice of colours for the box, envelope, ribbon and real dried flower petals.

Send a Poems & Petals Congratulations - Graduation Cards poem.